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So the big day has arrived!! Your carefree days of being the eligible bachelor are no more. It’s now times for you to start behaving as gentlemanly as possible, assume responsibilities and shed the face of your bachelorhood!

There are many qualities that decide the personality of a man – what you wear is just one of them. Dressing up has been of importance since the days of the Emperor’s new clothes. So oughtn’t u gear up for what is going to be the most important day of your life?

Okay so you’ve decided to go in for formal wear a.k.a the western style – a tuxedo. A wide variety greets you at the outset. Your best choice for the occasion would be a full-sleeved shirt with button ups, the option of a tie, a coat and trousers to match.

First as we decide on the shirt, the material of the shirt is left to your discretion based on the climatic conditions, preferably cotton.! A plain light coloured shirt would best suit the overcoat. White, Grey, Cream…. etc. No flashy colours or designs, please. You don’t want to look incongruous at your own reception.

Next, most importantly comes the colour of your coat – preferably a dark shade of black or blue. Grey assumes exciting hues in stone, slate & charcoal grey with plain or mild checks. There is the choice of going in for the Tweed or the Polyester variety, which is basically a soft Merino-wool blend. Lightweight wool fabrics are recommended for summer. The straight jacketed 2-button single breasted and 4-button double-breasted are no longer the only options. For those taller and lean physiques there is the 3-button suit or a double-breasted jacket in six or eight button combinations.

Button them or leave them open -the decision is yours. The Renaissance collection from Raymond fabrics has gentle but striking hues. Try them on for that suave look!

Trousers that match are the next in line. The fashion now is towards parallels in straight cuts, two deep pleats and a high waist. Get the perfect shades and size for your comfort. Get a waist belt again black or brown preferable, not too wide with a small not too conspicuous buckle. Ensure that it gives a snug fit without having to wrap it two times over.

A matching double-knotted tie to go with your outfit is essential. No bright colours or caricatures, subdued stripes or plain shades will do the trick. Couple your apparel now with your choice of comfortable formal leather shoes and matching socks. A clean handkerchief in your trouser pocket could prove useful. Other accessories like cuff links, optional adornments like bracelets, chains or rings complete the outfit. Accentuate your looks with a little make up and add a dash of Brut for that whiff of masculinity.

And now our suede handsome groom is ready to face the world !!


Now close your eyes, take a deep breath and think: no more exclusive bachelor booze parties, no more Marilyn Monroe and Pam Anderson/Lee/Whatever on you walls, no more…okay, okay, I am not helping. I’ll stop and get on with it.

From now on, you’ll need to look groomed – washed, shaven, clean. And the toughest of ‘em all – the difference between cutting nails and getting a manicure. The following lines are meant to educate and enlighten you on the nitty-grittiess of haute couture. So here goes. And best of luck.

So is your Sherwani ready? Today almost 90 per cent of the bridegrooms opt for traditional wear.

Many go for an eclectic fusion of the traditional with the Western in the form of the Bandhgala Jodhpuri suits. In traditional wear, too, there are a whole lot of options for the groom.

Most of the Indian marriages consist of at least three occasions the sangeet, the wedding and then, the reception. At the sangeet, which is a fun occasion, the clothes must reflect the spirit of the occasion. Ideal would be a Churidar-kurta, worn with a Nehru jacket and a stole- its both style and comfort combined. A Chogha, that is the modern day interpretation of the jama works very well, too. It finally boils down to what suits the groom.

For the wedding, a Sherwani or Achkan looks special. What you must avoid though is the tying of the Kamarbandh (waist band) over the Achkan. A more stylish approach would be the contemporary version of the one or two button Achkan, wherein the knot of the Kamarbandh can be tied under it on the kurta.

Just as important as the dress are the accessories. The right accessories can add that extra element of style to the whole outfit. The Saffa (turban) and the Juttis (closed shoes) should be coordinated with the ensemble. For a bejeweled look, wear a lone string of pearls as an accessory.

For the reception ensemble should be understated and stylish. A Bandhgala Achkan with embroidered panels or a Sherwani or a well-cut jacket with a pocket looks great. Though the colours and cuts are mainly traditional, the newer bridegrooms are seen wearing other colours than merely shades of beige maye deep olive, grey, blue or even black.

Going for the tux While the western look is the conventional tuxedo for men. Things to be considered while opting for a tux are the colour, the fit, the fabric, the pattern and most important of all, your individual style, then buy that special shirt. Perennial favorites are plains, pinstripes, weaves and occasions? While for the tie, nothing bold, flashy and definitely nothing with cartoon caricatures please . Make it a top-quality tie/bow tie/cravatand match it to the rest of your attire.

The kamarbandh add a dash of Elan to the suit only if you discard the waistcoat. Otherwise, you will look a trifle overdressed. When it comes to kamarbadhs, stick to deep maroon or black and ensure not a crease is out of place.

Forget about mix-and-match, go in for a good quality suit which is impeccably tailored. Basic black, navy or gray flannel will ensure you can wear the suit till it wears out.

Keep your belt discreet, medium width, preferably hand-tooled leather and no big buckles That goes for other accessories, too, like tie pins, cuff links, rings, gold chains about the neck, bracelets, gold strapped watches. Less is more for this special day.

Always wear leather shoes and the conventional Oxford with three eyelets, in the colour that best matches your suit. Keep socks strictly matched to suit and shoes.Check your wallet for signs of wear and replace it with a sturdy, sober-coloured one that must not ever bulge that is crass.

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